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    Triangle Accounting, Inc. (USA), whose headquarters is located in Cary, NC, was originally a tax law research organization. After 15 years of development, innovation and hardworking, Triangle Accounting now is the largest Chinese Accounting firm in the eastern United States. We have branches in Cary (North Carolina), Manhattan (New York), Flushing (New York), Charlotte (North Carolina), Atlanta (Georgia), and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Moreover, last year we have established a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai North Carolina Investment Advisory co., ltd, which is located in Shanghai Free-Tr…

    have established a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai North Carolina 



    Indulged in a diversified, free, and independent film environment in New York, I think the connection between Asia films and the United Nations is a wonderful notion. Our committee aims to achieve a self-sufficient organization where the cultivation of talented individuals, the production of films, and the branding and screening of the films run uniformly to achieve one goal, that is, to develop, popularize, and vitalize Asia films to merge with the world cinema."

    Yikun Yang, the founder and Chair of Asia Film Screenings.
  • Quotes of the Distinguished Guests

    Our films are growing fast quantitatively and qualitatively, so is our film industry. Through films, Chinese, Americans and friends from all over the world can understand China in different ways. I sincerely hope that film and culture exchanges between the United States and China can thrive, and the cooperation between the two countries can be even more closer.

    -- Li Liyan, Cultural Counselor of Consulate General of the P. R. China in New York


    The world is watching Chinese film industry's fast growth. More and more high-quality films emerges every day. To facilitate cooperation cultural exchanges in the industry, events like forum and screenings in the Asia Film Screenings are needed. Chinese filmmakers, especially the new generation, shouldn't limit their eyes on entertaining the public. They should pay more attention on how to open a bigger market, and how to attract international audience …… The function of film is not only telling stories. The film directed by new generation director should help audience better understand the current China, and people's life, struggling and dreaming.

    -- Mr. Feng Wei, President of Motion Picture Association (MPA) in China


    During the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, this screening held in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City is not only a visual feast, but also a great opportunity to showcase the theme "Peace · Love", and a platform to facilitate culture exchange and art integration. Through the first Asia Film Screenings, we can appreciate each other, respect each other, listen to each other, watch good films from around the world, and exchange opinions on human nature, life, peace and love.

    -- Ms. Wang Yiyang, President of the One Film Fund


    Feedbacks from Film Fans

    To the Asia Film Screenings

    As students studying abroad, although we can already have access to Chinese films, we are more likely to miss a well-made and well-appraised one due to limited resources. I plan to go to every screening in this Asia Film Screenings. It will be a great pleasure to enjoy movies with friends of the same cultural background. Many thanks to the Asia Film Screenings for providing us with the platform and opportunities.


    To the Films

    After watching The Monster Hunt, I just want to ask Jing Boran;" would you have a babe with me now that the one-child policy is abolished?"


    Feedbacks from the Volunteers

    On the day when Go Away Mr. Tumor was shown, two grey-headed old ladies came with vigorous steps. They told me that they wanted to come and watch this movie because they are cancer patients. In terms of the meaningful movies' themes, these two grannies thought that It is essential to promote the influence of films like Go Away Mr. Tumor. Although people feel scared when they talk about cancer in nowadays, we find the stead and preserving persistence from these two grannies, instead of the desperation and depression from painful illness. No matter how much time they left, they are still energetic and positive to face each day. Both of them just like Xiong Dun, the main character in Go Away Mr. Tumor, who be joked that doesn't have the awareness as a patient. Xiong Dun's living attitude is self-willed, even rampant. She may have fun of her visiting staff. After watched this movie, all of us are crying as a poor dog. As Xiong Dun said, we cannot know the value of health, relatives and friends until we lose them. The value of a film is more likely to be presented from its efficiencies to spread and retain the humanity, culture, peace and love rather than to be evaluated only by its box-offices, audiences' applause and cheers, or even the film's effects or techniques. With the opening and consisting of Asia Film Festival, I believed that the understanding and spreading about love and peace in Asia culture can be presented to the whole world better.